Laurens Weinhold

Norwegian award-winning violinist.

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Laurens Weinhold is a Norwegian award-winning violinist and one of the best Scandinavian violinists in his generation. He has won first prizes in the National Norwegian Youth Music Competition, Sparre Olsen Competition and  the DNB National Soloist Competition 2014 Fjord Cadenza. Weinhold has received numerous grants, awards and international scholarships.

Weinhold has performed at several international festivals, including the ICMF, Fartein Valen Festival, Summit Music Festival, Casalmaggiore Festival, NYCMF, Mozarteum Salzburg, Klara Festival and Norwegian Organ Festival, in the latter two, in collaboration with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation and Radio Klara.

He has played in Fartein Valen hall in the Stavanger Concert Hall, the Théâtre de la Monnaie (Brussels) and the Musikverein. Weinhold has been a soloist with Brussels Chamber Orchestra, 1B1,  Sandnes Symphony Orchestra, Norwegian Youth Symphony Orchestra, and Vienna Young Masters Orchestra. In 2014, 2015 and 2016 he has been a soloist with the Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Rune Bergmann, „one of the most talented Scandinavian conductors.“ Weinhold is an experienced chamber musician he has played with, among others, Jakob Koranyi, Erling R. Eriksen, Sveinung Bjelland, Markus Schirmer and Anton Sorokow.

For his efforts in cultural life, Weinhold has been awarded culture scholarship from both Stavanger and Rogaland County Council. He has received the ‘Kulturbonus’ from Rogaland Avis, the ‘G9alt’ talent scholarship, the ‘Shell Prize scholarship’ and was the winner of Sandnes Sparebank’s Music Prize. He has also received a grant from Culture Carinthia for chamber music projects with soloists from the Vienna Philharmonic.

Weinhold is interested in contemporary music and has premiered works by both Janpieter Biesemans and Ståle Kleiberg. In addition to classical music, Weinhold is interested in Folk Music and has studied several years with Dr. Rudolph Pietsch. In addition to this he is a skilled player of the Norwegian fiddle (Hardanger fiddle) which he studied with renowned fiddle player Gunnar Stubseid.

Weinhold studied with Isaac Schuldman, professor at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, Frantisek Veselka and Jean-Pierre Wallez. Weinhold completed his studies at the Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Vienna. In Vienna he studied with Dora Schwarzberg and Anton Sorokow. During the past five years he has also had master classes with Pierre Amoyal, Aaron Rosand, Benjamin Schmid and Akiko Suwanai.




January 19th
J.S Bach Violin Sonate nr. 3 in C major BWV 1005, Fanny-Hensel Hall, Vienna

January 23th , 19:00 
Wean Schbüün , hardingfele, Vienna Schrammel Music , Bockkeller , Wiener Volksliedwerk


February 19th , 18:00  Bru
Concert with Dora Deliyska, Bösendorfer Artist Vienna
Ludvig van Beethoven, Sonata for violin and piano in c-minor op 30 nr 2, Edvard Grieg , Violinsonata op 45 nr 3, Pablo de Sarasate , Airs Eccosais op 34, Bru Kulturbruk, 44/4 Rennesøy

February 18th -20th
Recording Sarasate Air Ecossais, James Scott Skinner, Stavanger with Sondre Oldereide Michaelsen


March 10th-18th
International Chamber Music Festival Schiermonnikoog, Netherlands
Program TBA

March 21th, 18:30 
Sibelius, Violin concerto, Szymanowski, Nocturne and Tarantella, Fanny Hensel Saal, Vienna


April 13th ,18:00 
J.S Bach Violin Sonate nr. 3 in C major BWV 1005, St. Petri Church Stavanger

April 26th ,18:00 
Sibelius, Violin concerto
Rune Bergmann, conductor
Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra , Kaunas symphonic Hall


May 11h , 19:30 PM
Ravel, Piano Trio (1914) with Jakob Kullberg and Milan Rabrenovic, Ottohouse, Finnøy, Norway


June 11th , Vienna, Rennweg 8
Wean Scbüun

June 28th
Ludvig van Beethoven, Sonata for violin and piano in c-minor op 30 nr 2, Edvard Grieg , Violinsonata op 45 nr 3, Szymanowski, Nocture & Tarantelle, Ravel Trio, Lutoslawski, Vienna


July 1st-5th
Turné with Jie Zhang, Norway

July 5th-8th
Schrammel Klang Festival , Litschau



September 10th, 14:00 PM
Folk Music Concert with Sigrid Kjetilsdotter Jore and Gunnar Stubseid , Gjesdal City, Norway

September 11th-17th
NYCMF concerts with Jakob Kullberg, Sveinung Bjelland, Milan Rabreovic, Raphaëlle Moreau , program TBA, Stavanger, Norway


December 22th
Anniversary Concert of Kjell Pahr- Iversen
Kleiberg, Concerto for violin and strings
Conductor, Rune Bergmann, Stavanger


May 2016
May 6th , 6:00 PM
Bruch Scottish Fantasy, Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra , Conductor Rune Bergmann
Kaunas Philharmonie Hall

June 2016
June 19th , 15:00 PM
Golden Medal of Merit Ceremony  of Rudolf Pietsch, Austrian Folk Music,  MDW  , Vienna

June 21h, 18:00 PM
Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber , Rosenkranzsonate nr 5, with Jakob Mitterer,  Seilerstätte 26, 1010 Vienna

July 2016
July 28th , 19:00  PM
Concert with Eloise Bella Kohn, Beethoven, Grieg and more , Sirdal Church

July 29th, 13:00 PM
Concert with Eloise Bella Kohn, Beethoven, Grieg and more , Stavanger Concert House

July 31st 19:00 PM
Concert with Eloise Bella Kohn, Beethoven, Grieg and more , Molleparken Villa

August 2016
August 7th, 12:00
Haydn String quartet in D-minor  „Fifths“/ Rumanian Dances of Bartok with Jakob Mitterer, Stephanie Drach , Philipp Krylov,  Rozenkranzsonate nr 5 of Biber, Rysstad Church, Norway

August 23rd , 19:30 PM
Concert with Sveinung Bjelland, Beethoven, Grieg and more , Buen-Elvesalen

August 28 th,  19:00 PM
Fartein Valen Festival, Concert with Sveinung Bjelland, Valenstrand Culture Church, Sveio,  Norway

September 2016
September 11th-17 th
Concerts in Sozopol, Art Gallery, program TBD, Bulgaria

September 19th, 11:00 PM
Concert with Milan Rabrenovic , Gjesdal

September 27th, 19:00 PM
Janacek String Quartet nr 2 „Intimate Letters“  with Lea Hennino, Bruno Philippe and Raphaelle Moreau, atelier Kjell Pahr- Iversen

September 28th 19:30 PM
NYCMF 10th anniversary Concert , Dvorak, Piano Quartet  nr 2 op 87 with Markus Schirmer, Marthe Husum and Christian Poltera, Fartein Valen, Stavanger Concert House

September 29th , 19:00 PM
Rising Stars Concert with Legendary Gunnar Stubseid , Norwegian Folk Music and CD presentations (OLGA, Sigrid Kjetilsdotter Jore), Sola Culture House, Norway

September 30th, 19:00 PM
Songs and more, Kleppe Town Hall

October 2016
October 27th, 19:30 PM
Concert with Sveinung Bjelland, Egersund Church, Norway


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